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Welcome to the 2024 We See You Awards International

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The International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute is excited to announce the Annual We See You Awards International on September 11, 2024, in Washington, D.C., at Bobby Van's Grill. Initially established in 2006 as an elegant red-carpet affair spotlighting the remarkable contributions of Black women in Los Angeles County, this event has evolved into a prestigious celebration coinciding with the Annual Legislative Conference by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.

Since its inception in 2009, the We See You Awards International has paid tribute to 65 exceptional women whose impactful work has positively impacted millions of lives. Last year's event, hosted at the esteemed Kennedy Center, honored five outstanding men for their dedication to advancing and uplifting Black women domestically and internationally.

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Meet the dynamic events committee propelling the International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute (IBWPPI) towards a brighter future. Comprised of visionary trailblazers from diverse backgrounds, our committee is dedicated to advancing equity and justice in public policy.

Our vision is to connect and advocate for Black women globally through acts of kindness and impactful policy changes. With a mission to evaluate the impact of existing policies and drive new ones, we convene hearings and discussions both in the US and internationally.

Spearheaded by these illustrious women, the upcoming We See You Awards International on September 11th promises to be a resounding success, thanks to the dedication of our incredible team and the support of our gracious partners at IBWPPI.

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